AGE 4 -12

A fun and exciting class that incorporates classical technique with a strong focus on style and performance. Students can dance out to pop music and the latest hits. This class is great to build technique, strength, musicality, coordination and performance skills. Class material is based on the internationally recongized syllabus- Jazz Addict


At the end of the year, students have a chance to take part in dance examinations and our annual showcase.


Primary  :  P1 /  P2  

Junior Jazz :  JJ1 / JJ2 / JJ3 



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This unique class is conducted in collaboration with Hong Kong Circus. Aerial dance focuses specifically on Aerial Silks- a memerising circus discipline performed using long fabric in the air. This class prepares students by building strength, flexibility and endurance to acquire basic aerial silks techniques e.g. climbing and knots. Students have a chance to perform at the annual showcase, it is definitely an unforgettable experience! 



AGE 2.5 - 4

Sparkles Dance offers a great foundation for young children who LOVES to learn Jazz / Ballet!  By using toys and props, the class is perfect for children to would like to try dancing for the first time. This dance taster class continues until students reach the age of 4. 


Hip Hop 

AGE 5 - 8

This high energy class is perfect for those that just can't sit still, and love the sound of funky energetic music. Our Hip Hop classes focuses on performance, strength, groove and freestyle. Students practise exercises, free dances, and performance dances that aim to challenge and inspire each student. Every year, students have a chance to perform in the annual showcase. 



AGE 4 - 8

This class uses classical technique and music in a stimulating and inspiring environment. Students practise exercises that help increase flexibility, strength, posture and musicality. The class encourages attention to details, extension and softness. Class exercises are based on the Ballet Conservatoire Syllabus. At the same time, teachers implement technique teaching in a playful way to encourage students to learn with enthusiasm. 



AGE 9 - 13

Targeted at more matured students, this class tunes in with the latest Kpop trends. The choreography taught in class put emphasis on movement sharpness, accuracy and fluidity. Students builds up confidence to communicate with audiences in the annual peformance, they may even get a chance to film their dances!