Lisa Bergstrom, Lisa B Academy of Jazz Teachers, Dance educator, Dance Hong Kong
Miss Margaret Director

Margaret has always been fascinated by the power, dynamics, and diversity of the human body. As a young child, she was very active and loved to move. At 15 years old, she started dancing after seeing a Jazz performance and being invited to join the group by her friends. She was quickly fascinated by the combination of athleticism and art in dance, and then started to pursue a carrier as a professional dancer and artist. In 2007, she graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts majoring in Musical Theatre Dance. She has performed in numerous shows in school and outside school such as A Chorus Line and Fame. Since graduation, she worked as a full-time performer in the Festival of Lion King for Hong Kong Disneyland and Singapore Universal Studios. While dancing at the Lion King Theatre, she also learnt Fire and Aerial dance and started her journey as a Circus artist. She’s taught at Jean M. Wong School of Ballet, and led several workshops at local and international schools. Her interest in the dancer’s body structure and physiology has also encouraged her to study further as a part-time stretching therapist (certified license in Sport Massage), personal trainer (certification for Advanced Fitness Trainer). This powerful, curious and ambitious artist has never ceased to grow and continues to widen her performance repertoire; as a dancer, stretching therapist, circus performer and teacher.

Chloe Yates, Lisa B Academy of Jazz teachers, dance educator, dance class hong kong, ballet teacher
Miss Ann Head of Administration

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Miss Ann is our head of administration. She makes sure that everything runs smooth at the studio, and organizes everything back stage! She is truly great with kids, and is loved by many of our students. Herself a mother, she understands the demands of parents in Hong Kong, and how much fun and rewarding dance can be for kids! When you give us a call, Facebook message or an email, Miss Ann will be who you reach.

Miss Bernice Jazz & Ballet teacher

Bernice loves for the art of dancing and performing has always filled her life with so much passion and happiness. Her passion comes with a journey of endless learning. With that being said, She had always found joy in sharing my knowledge and skills to students who seek for the same passion and happiness of this art. 


Ms Bernice believes that learning should be progressive, and that the most important key to progress is discipline. It is with discipline that students are able to practice the act of listening and patience, which are the two essentials in learning. Alongside discipline, the art of dance demands proper technique. As a teacher, she strongly feel that it is very important to teach the proper technique to students. With proper technique, the student will be able to understand the correct concepts of positions and placements of the body. Also through this understanding will a student be able to build good foundations in movement, and these foundations will be a big help in starting the progressive process of achieving greater heights. 

Mr Kaho Hip Hop teacher